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Weathering a Storm

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When adults hear that there’s a hurricane forecast, they shift into high gear and take steps to protect the family, the home, and the boat. But sometimes all this activity can make kids feel confused or scared.

Don’t be afraid and don’t imagine bad things. Ask an adult what’s going on — and if there’s something you can do to help. Say, “May I pack a storm kit to help us get ready in case we have to go someplace safer than here?”

Tell the adult you have a checklist of things to pack up, and that you want to help put items in a box, backpack, or suitcase (it depends on the size of your family). Remember to leave room for the things adults know to bring, like family records, medications, and clothes.

  •   Battery-operated radio
  •   Flashlights (one for each family member)
  •   Extra batteries
  •   First aid supplies
  •   Blankets
  •   Bottled water
  •   Food that’s easy to open and simple to prepare
  •   Snacks
  •   Baby supplies, if necessary
  •   Pet supplies, if necessary
  •   Toys
  •   Warm socks
  •   Emergency telephone numbers
  •   A paper map of your area

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