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Vancouver Aquarium

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Main-Entrance-ScreenVisit the largest aquarium in Vancouver, Canada, that has over 50,000 unique creatures. This non-profit organization has been open since June 15, 1956 and has had over 35 million visitors since they opened their doors. Promising to engage, amaze, and inspire the community, every visit will not be the same.

Make your visit even more aquatic by going there by boat! Transient space is available at Bayshore West Marina (604-689-5331), reservations recommended.

Take a look at the Connections Gallery where you will see how diverse the aquatic life is. In the center of this exhibit is a 14-foot globe, where it brings you closer to our oceans in a 360 degree view.Connections_Gallery_2-Screen
When we think of the Arctic, we think of brutally cold, ice, and polar bears. There is a lot more to the Arctic than what we think. From the gorgeous colors of the water, to the height of icebergs, and the beautiful amount of marine life within; The Arctic is home to many seals, walruses, polar bears, bowhead whales, narwhals, belugas, Greenland sharks, hundreds of different species of fish, and many non-marine mammal species. Did you know heat loss happens 25 times faster in the water? Maybe you are wondering how these animals stay warm in severe cold habitats. These animals have thicker layers of fat, which hold in heat and energy. Learn more in the Canada’s Arctic Exhibit!

Head over to the warmer side at the Tropic Zone, where you will see all different species from the warmer climate areas of the world. The blacktip sharks in this exhibit are cool to see along with seahorses, cichlids, pajamafish, and sea turtles, some of which are endangered.
If you are interested in seeing terrestrial life at the aquarium, there is the Graham Amazon Gallery where you can step foot into the Rainforest. You may see scarlet ibises fly overhead, or try to see if you can spot the camouflaged sloths.


Photo by Meighan Makarchuk

My two favorite exhibits are the Penguin Point that has a little piece of South Africa, and the Wild Coast that is the home to rescued animals! Seeing penguins waddling around and swimming in water can put a smile on anyone’s face. Did you know only four of the 18 species live in the cold, and the others are in warmer climates? Make sure to see Helen — a rescued white-sided dolphin from the Pacific, and Chester, another rescued false killer whale, along with many other rescued animals like sea otters, porpoises, seals, and sea lions.



Other exhibits include displays on the aquarium’s research, underwater homes of the aquatic life, huge tanks of species, and an area for children to learn how to care for our oceans.

The aquarium has tons more to offer and for you to see. They have animal encounters, sleepovers, birthday parties, and behind-the-scenes tours! Visit the website to see a listing of the shows they have. Visit more than once! Donations are much appreciated.

Vancouver Aquarium, 845 Avison Way, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6G 3E2. For more information visit or call 604-659-3474.


By Melissa McMahon

Photos Courtesy of Vancouver Aquarium


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