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Ramp Proceedures

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Once you arrive at the ramp, there are steps to take to ensure that you protect your safety while preventing damage to your boat or PWC. As a courtesy to others on a busy boating day, take as many steps as possible before positioning your trailer on the ramp.

  • Check to ensure that no damage occurred on the trip to the ramp.
  • Remove supports, raise lower unit, remove tie-downs, and ensure the winch is properly attached and locked into position.
  • Check that the drain plug is in and secure.
  • Disconnect trailer lights.
  • Attach a line to both stern and bow (to grab while launching).
  • Take a look around for hazards to your tires and vessel such as broken concrete, spilled oil or gas, and steep drop-offs.
  • When proceeding down the ramp, stop before your towing vehicle’s rear wheels reach the water.
  • Have a companion hold onto your boat’s bow and stern lines.
  • Disconnect winch hook and line from bow and when companion is ready, lightly push boat off or slowly back off trailer.
  • Lower the engine, run blowers, check for fuel leaks, and start motor.
  • If others are waiting to launch, finish loading boat away from ramp.

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