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The Whydah Pirate Museum

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Pirate Museum

Back in 1717, a British pirate ship named the Whydah was wrecked in a storm off the coast of Cape Cod.  The captain of the Whydah, “Black Sam” Bellamy, could not wait to return home to see his love, Maria Hallett.  He was navigating the ship with a crew of 144 men and a pirates’ treasure aboard.

As the tale goes, he was steering the ship dangerously close to the land when a storm hit, causing the wreck 500 feet from the beach near Wellfleet, MA.  Only two men survived and the ship was severely damaged in the wreck — there was no sign of it for many years.

Barry Clifford grew up hearing many stories about the Whydah. In 1982, he started searching for the ship’s treasures, and two years later he discovered the famous pirate ship.

This discovery on July 24, 1984 was named a National Geographic Society “Special Event.” You can experience the recovered wreckage at the Whydah Pirate Museum in Provincetown, Massachusetts. There you will see the ship’s treasures including firearms, cannons, and anchors, a gibbet used for executions, an old-fashioned teapot, special coins, and other amazing items.

The museum is located at Long Point Marina, making it easily accessible by boat! Transient space is available (call 508-487-8899 to reserve).

For more information call 508-487-8899 or visit

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