Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Accident Avoidance

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A recent BoatUS study on collisions at sea noted that most accidents happen for three reasons: (1) inattention (the U.S. Coast Guard calls that “situational awareness”), (2) blind spots (“failure to keep a good look-out” in USCG-speak), and (3) speed (which everyone recognizes as dangerous). Inattention may be failing to heed the weather. You go […]

Better Sleep Makes Better Boaters

Better Sleep Makes Better Boaters

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Imagine you’re out with a friend who’s had a few drinks. If he says to you, “Hey, let’s take the boat out!” you’d decline the offer.  What would your answer be, however, if that same friend was sober but had gotten very little sleep the night before? Many people think that their cognitive abilities remain […]