Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Up and Away!

Up and Away!

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. Are you a person who is never bored on the water because you’re happy to grab a board and go wakeboarding, surfing, paddleboarding, or flyboarding? Then chances are you’ll take to hoverboarding as well — it’s something out of the future to experience now. Hoverboarding is a newer watersport than flyboarding, but it’s catching […]

Fight Storm Fright!

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During boating season, some people are not able to have fun on the water. They have such deep rooted fears of storms that it prevents them from ever stepping on a boat. Terrors of storms (or super-storms such as hurricanes) often stem from childhood experiences or other anxiety related frights, which can have paralyzing effects. If such dread keeps you inside on summer days, there are ways to lessen apprehension and enjoy boating activities.