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Harbor History Museum

Harbor History Museum

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Gig Harbor, Washington, is a boat-lover’s dream, with plenty of places to explore and plenty of places to make boating your preferred mode of transportation for that exploration. One of the best places to go is the Harbor History Museum. Harbor History Museum is located at 4121 Harborview Drive, which happens to be a short […]

Harbor History Museum

Harbor History Museum

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In the beautiful city of Gig Harbor, Washington, is a museum dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history of the harbor’s peninsula and its artifacts. When a history club was started by the members of the American Association of University Women in 1964, the community got together to share photographs and other memorabilia. It wasn’t […]

DIVE IN!  Underwater Exploring

DIVE IN! Underwater Exploring

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Below the cool, dark waters off Long Island’s coast is a cornucopia of surprises. It’s an underwater world that many of us – even those who spend time on the water – don’t think about. Yet the adventure-seekers who dive into this realm’s intimacies quite simply can’t stay out of it.

“The feeling of going under water and being able to breathe is a euphoric one,” enthused Randy Randazzo, owner of Hampton Dive Center in Riverhead. “I remember my first time under water, I got little butterflies. I still get that euphoric feeling every time I dive.”