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One Summer Weekend

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Summer goes by way too fast — we have so much fun boating, yet we have so few weekends to enjoy it. This year, we were not going to let summer fly by without having our fill of fun!

My family loves boating, yet with all my cousins, my brother, and me attending college and having responsibilities, it had been a few years since we’d found time to enjoy a boating-centered weekend. We finally found a time that worked for all of us, and planned a trip out to Strong’s Marine in Mattituck during Fourth of July weekend.

one summer 2We woke up at 5:00 am on Friday and got underway. It was great spending time on the boat, heading east on open waters. I’m so used to being on my jet ski that I enjoy relaxing on the boat. The waters were nice and flat, and the whole experience was so peaceful — until my dad decided to blast Downeaster Alexa by Billy Joel and sing along. Nice scene to tuck in my memory bank, right? It would be except my dad wears ear plugs because of the wind while driving the boat. Now imagine how loud he was singing while I was sitting right next to him. (The song was stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend.)

one summer 3The weather stayed perfect until we got about 50 feet from the marina. Then all of a sudden it started to pour. Our boat was wide open — no covers, no windows, so we got soaked. I ran down into the aft cabin (a tiny area) to get the covers; it seemed that the boat had grown small or I had grown larger since my last time below. Wet and mindful of not hitting my head, I made sure I had all the covers in hand before hurrying back up to help out my dad. We never before put boat covers on and zippered them up that fast! I should have timed it — we may have set a new world record.

We made it safely to the dock, and were grateful that there were dockhands at the ready to help us tie up. Once settled into our berth, I took a look around the boat. The rugs, the cushions, the tables, and even our phones were wet (miraculously, the phones still worked even without a waterproof case). We used every towel on the boat to wipe up all the water, so now we had dry cushions and tables, but heavy, soaked towels.

You probably have a couple of questions reading the story so far. Such as, where was the rest of the family if this was a family trip? My mom and brother, reluctant to rise at 5:00 am, drove to the marina later on in the day.  You’d also be right to wonder why we didn’t check the forecast before heading out on the boat. We certainly did, but the predictions said we were not supposed to be hit with rain until later on that day.

The weather did not die down at all the rest of the day. In fact, the winds picked up, gusting to about 30mph, and the rain came down even harder. My mom and brother arrived safe (and dry), then we all spent quality family time on the boat all night long. We had plenty of family time, as no one got any sleep thanks to the clanging and banging of ropes, fenders, and whatever else was bumping our boat that night.

When we exited the cabin on Saturday morning, it was gorgeous outside! The sun was shining and people were walking around the marina as the smell of coffee filled the air. Marina staff had set up games all throughout the yard, there was a tent for a barbeque,the pool was open, and a nice band played music all afternoon.

one summer 4My brother had brought his KanJam game (a player throws a frisbee and a partner has to hit it into the bucket, or the player aims for a frisbee slot to win the game automatically if it gets in). My Dad and Uncle Mike joined us, and it was funny to watch the “old geezers” run after a frisbee! We followed that game with wiffle ball, working up quite an appetite. We’d brought a lot of food and portable barbeques, so we had our own family party. Tons of hamburgers, hot dogs, vegetables, baked potatoes, sausages, and sandwiches. With the amount of food we brought, we should have stayed there all week!

The weekend went by fast, and it was all so much fun (besides the first day of bad weather, but that gives me a story to tell). Trips that start and end on the boat, and involve the people we love, make for a great time. It’s important to never be too busy to let the summer slip away. We’re already making plans for our next family boating trip.

Story and photos by Melissa McMahon

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