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spursEver come out on the losing end when your inboard engine becomes entangled in a fishing, mooring, or lobster trap line? It’s a serious predicament beyond the pure annoyance of halting your day of fun — you must immediately deploy your anchor and hope that it grabs quickly so that the boat and all passengers are safely secure.  Thereafter, you either dive overboard to attempt to untangle the messy, twisted line or call for a tow.

However, with Spurs Line Cutter Systems, mounted between the front of the prop and the strut, lines, weeds, and nets are no longer nuisances.  As the line enters the propeller vortex, it is wound toward the propeller hub. Made of hardened stainless steel, Spurs Line Cutter Systems use the propeller’s rotation and inertial force to power the cutting action as it simply, quickly, and completely eliminates the entanglement without you ever realizing that you snagged a line. No halt to your fun, no diving to remove fouled lines, no costly repairs (it removes the lines so there is never a concern that a line remaining on the shafts can wind up burning the bearings and cause engine overload).

Click on the video to see Spurs in action.

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If your boat has an inboard engine this is the one product that you need to have!


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