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Schmitty the Weather Dog

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The question, “Hey Schmitty, what’s the weather today?” is asked by elementary school students of a tiny weather reporter. Schmitty is a Yorkie who travels the country teaching children about weather, science, and math in a fun, exciting way. Though most lessons about science and weather can be a tad boring, a visit by Schmitty — accompanied by Meteorologist Ron Trotta — brings fun and excitement to vital lessons. Kids sing along to Schmitty’s weather song and hear an engaging story about him and his owner.

schmitty 2Elly McGuire wrote a book, Schmitty the Weather Dog: Daydream, based on her own dog Schmitty and Trotta, her fiancé.  In the story, Schmitty’s owner wants to become a weather forecaster, but he’s having a rough time. As dogs have good senses, Schmitty uses his to help. Along the way, he meets up with many obstacles as he learns about clouds, rain, thunder, and how to predict what weather is coming. The book also includes amazing illustrations from Simon Estrada.

Just like you’d hope, Schmitty saves the day and helps his owner get an interview with a successful TV station! This little pup’s lesson is that when we are determined, we can accomplish anything in life.

This book is McGuire’s first children’s book. It was inspired by Trotta’s experience of playing the piano and singing while he also helped with stories on weather for ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, ABC Nightline, and ABC World News Weekend. He loves what he does now, entertaining children and adults by singing about weather with Schmitty live and on their YouTube channel,

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At school assemblies, McGuire spends time reading her book and showing the stunning pictures. Then Trotta comes out with Schmitty to do a sing-a-long, and by the time the lesson ends, everyone had a fun time learning fun weather facts.

Visit for more information, and if you would like to order the book go to I say the book is paw-perfect

By Melissa McMahon

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