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Sarongs Look Right

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When it comes to warding off a chill or electing to show less skin when you reach the dock, there are more fashionable choices than a robe or an oversized tee. Select a bold triangular tropical print fabric or a large rectangle in a solid color and wear it low around your hips or draped as a dress. Shell out as little as $10.00, or spend ten times that if you like. Your choices even include calling what you wear a sarong, a pareo, a cover-up, or a wrap!

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A sarong may match your swimsuit, look completely different if it conceals your suit completely, or act as a fashion accessory  — a clingy tangerine wrap over a black bathing suit grabs attention, while a gauzy taupe over a leopard print tones down a look. Dress size has no meaning when it comes to sarongs; curves can be enhanced, or even faked, and (perceived) flaws disappear.

A simple way to wear a cover-up is to wrap it around your waist (one wrap and tie gives you an Angelina Jolie split, twice around looks a bit more demure). If there’s enough material, you may want to fold it in half (or even twice), or wear it long as a sheath. A pareo can become a dress — bind it about your body (think towel after shower) or make a halter by wrapping it around your torso from back to front and then crossing the opposite ends over your chest before bringing it around back again to secure. Or fiddle around until you have a one-shoulder classic Roman toga.

If you can secure your boat to a dock cleat, or even tie your shoes, you can knot your cover-up. A square knot is easiest, but for a bit more security, uses a lark’s head knot. You can also buy bejeweled cover-up clips or devices that let you pull the fabric through without the bulk of knots.

Here’s another twist:  if your hair starts drooping or the winds begin to blow, fold up your sarong and use it as a headscarf or tress-taming turban (add sunglasses to complete the celebrity look).

Lark’s head knot how-to plus cover-up inspirations and instructions


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