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Roanoke Island Festival Park

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Firing the cannon on the Elizabeth IIElizabeth II-If you like history, one place you can visit with your friends and family by boat is the Roanoke Island Festival Park. With plenty to do and see, Roanoke Island is historic.

The park and center are located on 25 acres of land, and are a short walk from the Manteo Waterfront Marina, which has transient slips. Call 252-473-3320 for reservations.

You will be amazed at how much Roanoke Island played a role in the beginning of our nation’s time. As you pass by the island on your boat to head to the marina, you will see a beautifully designed ship on the right. That ship is one of the seven English ships from the Voyage of 1585 and you can get a chance to look at it, go aboard, and help set the sails, or even plot a course!

One cool exhibit in the park you should not miss out on is the Settlement Site.  It reenacts what life was like during the early settlements on American soil. You can try woodworking, play games from the past, try on armor, take photos with soldiers, or even learn how to speak with an English accent. Civil War Dress-Up

In the Roanoke Adventure Museum, they have over 400 years of the Outer Banks history. The museum has fun activities for the kids.  They can dress up in costumes, read excerpts from journals, and learn about the start of North Carolina. Visit the exhibit with the pirates! On display is a map of shipwrecks and take a look at an 1887 boat that was restored by the Maritime Museum.

The park features a long boardwalk along the water for guests to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The views of the water are photo ops waiting for you!

After your day on the island is done and you are heading back to your boat, you can walk over to the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse. Built in 1877, it was recently renovated and reopened on September 25, 2004. Settlement Site-27

Roanoke Island Festival Park, 1 Festival Park, Manteo, North Carolina. For more information call 252-475-1500 or visit


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