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Redondo Beach Crab House

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IMG_20151230_161604Located a brisk walk from the day slips of the Redondo Beach Marina and King Harbor, Redondo Beach Crab House is one of the best restaurants on the Redondo Beach Pier. Surrounded by a landmark restaurant, eateries that come and go, and snack shacks serving soft serve ice cream and fried sweets, Redondo Beach Crab House has been a part of the pier since 1987.

Easy to find near the beach end of the pier, Redondo Beach Crab House has a small entrance filled with fish tanks that belies the spacious interior. Choose a table on the far side, where you can hover over sand and surf as you watch families frolic on the beach and seagulls dive into the water by gazing through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The staff is helpful, friendly and patient, even with diners unfamiliar with Korean food. While some of our party enjoyed spicy food and were more adventurous, others preferred to stick to what they know, so we ordered many dishes to share: Hawaiian shrimp (delightfully garlicky and messy/fun to eat), sautéed squid in spicy sauce and simple steamed shrimp (peel and eat style, with the heads on). For the five of us, with the rice and side dishes that come with the feast, it was more than enough and delicious enough to take any remaining bites home.

The menu has a vast selection of the more exotic, like sea cucumber and sashimi, but also traditional fried fare, including fish and chips, and clam chowder in bread bowls. You can even find a kid’s menu with hamburgers and corn dogs. Vegetarians and vegans might have a harder time, although the Korean side dishes (banchan) are vegetarian, you can also order a salad or tempura vegetables.

Patient service, a casual atmosphere stocked with paper and plastic serving ware, a vast menu and plenty of beer to mellow out the spice makes it easy to see why the Redondo Beach Crab House remains a favorite stop for families spending the day at the beach.

Redondo Beach Crab House

100 Fishermans Wharf #F

Redondo Beach, California


Review and photos by Carly Zinderman



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