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Protecting Trailered Boats In Winter

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Protecting Trailered Water craft

Protecting Trailered Watercraft

1. Purchase & use a hitch lock

2. Store your boat & trailer in a locked storage unit or garage

3. If no such storage is available, place your boat & trailer in back yard

4. If no backyard, park another vehicle in front of trailer & boat

5. If no other vehicle, have trailer hitch face away from the street

6. Remove one trailer wheel or part of tongue/hitch

7. Securely chain/lock boat and trailer to tree or fence post

8. Never leave removable equipment or gear on board

9. Cover the boat


A.  Properly insure your boat

B.  Have photographs of the boat and an inventory of all non-removable electronics & equipment, with model & serial numbers

C.  Permanently mark or engrave boat, trailer, equipment & electronics with some identifying info like your name and/or your drivers license number

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