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Editor’s Letter

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The holiday season is approaching, accompanied by colder temperatures and shorter days. Boating may not be the first thing to come to mind, but we think it still can be. Your love of boating doesn’t just stop because Mother Nature changed her tune; our magazine lets you keep reading about the boating lifestyle. I know that always warms me up!

If you’re already daydreaming and planning the many things you will do on your boat next year, we’re a valuable resource. If you are still boating (and even if you aren’t) I recommend taking time to plan some trips on your boat (even if you have to save them)!

To be sure you can get going easily in the spring, don’t miss our tips and techniques for proper winterizing. And though your boat will be tucked away safely, you’ll keep that connection to the water with our feature stories and waterside restaurant reviews.

Enjoy time with friends and family, but don’t let the holidays overwhelm you and the cold throw off your boating mindset. Visit our pages and website and feel that warm, relaxing glow.

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