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Multi-Season Solutions

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Tank tops:  Available in just about every cut and color, tank tops are perfect to stock up on

Style 3aduring end-of-season sales. The versatility of tank tops are what make them such a great multi-season wardrobe staple. For the summer, I pair tank tops with nearly everything. They look great with skirts, shorts, and jeans.In the early fall, the weather is changeable, so tank tops provide a great alternative to bulky pieces. I use tanks to layer underneath sweaters or cardigans in lieu of wearing a jacket.

Style 1aBoyfriend cardigans: Longer and looser than the traditional cardigan, boyfriend cardigans have been on trend for several seasons.As they are often made from a light knit material and can be layered easily, buy a few when they go on sale.Buy ones withbutton fronts and ones without buttons, but be mindful of the fit — though they are meant to be baggy, the sweater should not overwhelm your frame.

Style 2I am rarely without a go-to cardigan in my car and on the back of my office chair;  I feel cardigans perfectly carry my wardrobe year round.If you are planning on spending the day at the beach or on a boat, throw a boyfriend cardigan into your bag. Once the sun sets and the wind off the water picks up, you will be glad to have the extra coverage on those cool summer nights.I wear boyfriend cardigans in the fall over a tank top and a pair of skinny jeans, with ankle booties; I also toss one over a sleeveless dress for a more casual look.

Style 5Dresses: While you can find dresses year round, I find the best deals as Style 4summer ends. Opt for a great pattern or print instead of a solid color. Not only does it make for a visually interesting garment, but designs help hide any perceived flaws while accentuating curves.When it’s warm, I pair dresses with sandals or wedges for a comfy, casual look. For a night out, I swap the sandals for a fabulous pair of heels and some accessories to liven up the outfit. In chilly weather, I throw on a pair of tights and an open front cardigan for added warmth. I pair the dresses with classic pumps or a sleek pair of ankle booties and I am ready for anything autumn has to offer!

Style 6Skirts: Just like dresses, skirts can be mixed and matched to create seasonal looks. I love the fuller looks of the A-line and skater skirts currently in style — snap them up while on sale to guarantee yourself a wardrobe that looks stylish straight through next summer. I love the look of a full skirt with a chunky pair of heels or a tall wedge. When my occasional Napoleon Complex passes, I opt for a pair of sandals or flip-flops to move more freely. At the first sign of fall, I keep my skirts front and center in my wardrobe, much like my favorite summer dresses. I easily adjust my look by adding a light sweater on top and a pair of tights underneath.

Style 7If you have not yet sensed the pattern of my style advice, I’m saying that layering makes all these items work for multi-season wear. Without layering, you would need a closet the size of a small studio apartment to store all the clothes needed each season. But with the smart additions of these end-of-season essentials, you will be able to build a functional and somewhat spare wardrobe that spans the season. Buying them on sale is a bonus

By Raven Peterson

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