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Meet the Seagulls

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Ever notice the seagulls flying about us when we boat? They squawk and scream all day long, swoop down and steal our sandwiches if we look away, and poop all over boats when we’re not around. However, they are interesting, clever creatures that clean the beaches better than some people do, so we want to share some information about seagulls with you.

Size. These web-footed birds with long bills can grow up to 30 inches and weigh near four pounds.

Environment. They live almost everywhere in the world and adapt to many climates.

Age. Seagull moms lay eggs that hatch in less than four weeks. The birds can live more than 10 years.

Ground. Seagulls make nests on the ground and try to keep them hidden from animals that would harm them. But they go out across the water to look for food when they can’t find enough on land.

Up. Seagulls aren’t always flapping their wings — sometimes they can be seen gliding. They find thermals, upward moving currents of air that push the birds along in the sky while they scope out food sources below.

Likes to eat and drink everything! Seagulls can drink fresh and salt water. They eat live food such as crabs and fish and pick through garbage looking for treats such as half-eaten bags of chips.

Larus. The species name for seagulls.

Video and more facts about seagulls


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