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Marination Ma Kai

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image1Marination Ma Kai, on West Seattle’s Alki Beach, offers what few restaurants do —incredible views, unique flavors, and affordability that’s tough to beat.

Originally a food truck company, Marination carefully chose the site for their largest location. Ma Kai (“beside the sea”) sits near the northern tip of Alki Beach, Seattle’s dreamlike beachfront community that faces breathtaking downtown Seattle across Elliot Bay.

People don’t just flock to Marination Ma Kai for the view, though. Using ingredients like Spam, housemade Portuguese sausage, sweet Hawaiian buns, and tangy coleslaw, their Hawaiian-Korean fusion dishes succeed with flavors sweet and spicy, and textures crunchy and soft. Their Spam musubi was especially delicious. It’s a slice of grilled Spam, topped with rice, sprinkled with furikake rice seasoning, and wrapped up in nori. It makes a simple and tremendously tasty appetizer, side dish, or snack and only costs $3.50.

That affordability is why Marination has become one of the hippest places to eat in Seattle. Their unforgettable pork katsu sandwich, a breaded pork cutlet on ciabatta bread overflowing with housemade coleslaw, is just $11.00. Their sweet and spicy pork sliders were $2.75. And their fish tacos, delicate and cool on a hot day, cost $3.00. [All prices as of press time.] There are vegan and vegetarian options galore.

To beat the lines that spill out the door and onto the adjacent dock, do as we did —  skip the line, walk through the dining room, and get in the much shorter queue at the full bar in the back. There, you can order a local beer on tap, one of their signature mixed drinks, a soft drink, or a Stumptown cold brew coffee, and place a food order as well. Orders from the bar area reach the kitchen just as quickly as those placed at the front, so your number will be called just as you’ve settled into a deck chair on their outdoor patio. The patio has a breeze when it’s warm, umbrellas when it’s bright, icicle lights when it’s not, and a cover when you forget to check the forecast.

Marination Ma Kai is open Sundays through Thursdays 11:00 am to 9:00 pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00 am through 10:00 pm. Docking is available right next door at Seacrest Boathouse and Pier.

Marination Ma Kai
1660 Harbor Avenue SW
Seattle, Washington

Review and Photo by Conor Kelley

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