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Letters To The Editor

March 1, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Dear Editor,

I recently discovered your magazine and found such a variety

of interesting articles — all happening in my own backyard.

Loved it.

Here’s a photo of tubing with our cousins’ kids in Cold

Spring Harbor last summer. Think they’re having fun?

Some warm memories for this wintry day.


Anne Breitstein, Huntington

Dear Lita:

Thank you so much for helping us spread the word with

the “SPLASH Tackles Trash” story on p. 12 of the Winter

issue. In 2009 we made the most trips ever into the bay

to remove the garbage that still seems to find its way there.

2010 will be our 20th season and we will continue to keep the bays and oceans as free from garbage as we can and your help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Keep up the good work and thanks for your help, and please tell Kara that we all thought the article was very well written.

Rob Weltner

President of Operation SPLASH, Freeport

(516) 378-4770,

Hi Lita,

I just finished reading the article in Boating Times Long Island about the Aran and Fair Isle Sweaters, very interesting. I recently purchased an Aran sweater so it was nice to learn about their history.

Diane Lundegaard

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