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Letters to the Editor

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Dear Editor:

Do you love boating with your dog? Do you know how important dog life vests are?

letters 1I learned it is very important not only to protect your pet from drowning but also to prevent injuring yourself if Fido falls overboard. It is true that many dogs are natural swimmers but that doesn’t mean a life jacket isn’t a necessity. It is always best to be prepared for anything while having fun with your dog on the water.

A properly fitted K9 life jacket is snug with no restriction of movement and should be equipped with a handle. The handle assures your full control while getting your dog on and off your boat. The life jacket also acts as a cushion in case your dog happens to bump into anything while underway.

My dog’s first sail was the week we adopted her from a local shelter, and she did not have sea paws at all. I have to admit she was a bit nervous at first sight of our boat, but when I put her life jacket on, her body language quickly relaxed. She quickly developed a graceful balance, but the learning curve did include a few rib bumps. Thankfully, because of her life jacket, she suffered no discomfort from being tossed around. She was introduced to sailing on a positive note from the start, and now she is very happy and excited to go boating when she sees her life jacket.

There are so many manufacturers who make dog life vests in all shapes, sizes, and colors. In my opinion, it is the best thing you can purchase for your K9 boating companion and a way to show how much you love your nautical dog. Bring your boating pal to your local pet store or marine shop and try on several until you find the right fit. You will be glad you did whether or not your fur baby falls in the water or chooses to jump in at the wrong moment.


Lisa Voos


Dear Editor:

letters 2Fire Island National Seashore joins parks, programs, and partners across the country to encourage everyone to find their park and share their stories online at Launched by the National Park Service and the National Park Foundation, Find Your Park is a public awareness and education campaign celebrating the milestone centennial anniversary of the National Park Service in 2016 and setting the stage for its second century of service.

Find Your Park invites the public to see that a national park can be more than a place — it can be a feeling, a state of mind, or a sense of American pride. Beyond vast landscapes, the campaign highlights historical, urban, and cultural parks, as well as the National Park Service programs that protect, preserve, and share nature, culture, and history in communities nationwide.

For more information on Fire Island National Seashore’s events please visit

Elizabeth Rogers

Science Communications Park Ranger

Fire Island National Seashore


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