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Letters To The Editor

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Dear Editor,

Being the “subject” of the article in the Oct. 2012 issue [“A Newbie Goes Sailing,” by Melissa McMahon], I wanted to thank you for publishing, in my estimation, a well-done story.

Yes, it’s nice to see my name in print, but my compliments to Melissa for “capturing the flavor” of the day trip.  When she came aboard, I asked, “When/how are you going to take notes?” She said, “No need—I’ll remember,” and boy did she do an EXCELLENT job of “picking the highpoints” of the 4-5 hour excursion.

KUDOS to her for executing a well-written and interesting article.

Dave Goldsmith

Click here to read A Newbie Goes Sailing


Thanks, Lita, for your help in publicizing our work and that of our collaborators, like the Town of Brookhaven’s Environmental Educator.

All the best,

Nancy Grant


Dear Editor,

I finally got time to read the Oct 2012 issue of Boating Times and enjoyed your article on page 35, Haunted Lighthouses. Living and boating on the North Fork of LI, my wife and I are very familiar with  the Long Beach Bar Lighthouse.

I am extremely busy getting the word out to our USPS Squadron Safety Officers about the signing on October 11 of a Suffolk County Safe Boating Bill by Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone that requires Suffolk  residents to take a safe boating class before operating a power vessel on Suffolk waters.

Ronni (my wife) and I were at East Marina in Great River along with 23 members of USPS to give support to the Suffolk Legislatures and parents of the deceased children of recent boating accidents at the signing of this bill into Law.

It is predicted that over 20,000 residents will be taking Safe Boating Classes to secure a Boating Certificate which boaters will be required to carry to avoid a Fine of $250.00 for the first offense. We assured Suffolk officials the “we would be able to deliver,” in district Commander Larry Postel’s words.

I’ve sent some photos for your readers.

P/C Joseph Ruggieri, SN

District Safety

District Safety Officer Joe Ruggieri and wife Ronni, a USPS Chaplin are all smiles at the signing.

Lisa Gains with daughter Victoria, died on July 4 in boating accident in Oyster Bay.

News Media Zoom in when Steve Bellone signs the bill into Law, flanked by parents who lost children to boating accidents. Steve Stern standing behind is also flanked by USPS members.

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