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Letters To The Editor

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To the Editor:

Your magazine is a leader in the promotion of safety on the water and the United States Power Squadrons® is the largest national safe boating educational organization.

With the approach of National Safe Boating Week, May 21-27, 2011, we are sharing some photos taken at previous United States Power Squadrons® safe boating events. These photos illustrate the work we are doing to educate “children of all ages” to wear their life jackets while on the water. This year’s slogan, “Wear It,” emphasizes safe and responsible boating practices. Over the years, life jackets have become less cumbersome and more comfortable and stylish to wear with the introduction of the USCG (United States Coast Guard) approved inflatable types.  Statistics show that the wearing of life jackets saves lives.

Everywhere in the country there are extraordinary people or groups that provide impressive support for the marketing and public relations programs of the United States Power Squadrons®.  Congratulations to BOATING TIMES Long Island on winning the prestigious United States Power Squadrons® National Bell Award for the year 2010.

Stf/C Guy Anastasio, SN

P/R/C Nina P. Anastasio, SN

Bayside Power Squadron

Photos by P/R/C Nina P. Anastasio, SN

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