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Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor,Great South Bay USPS in Life Jackets 5-18-13

Thank you once again for supporting Safe Boating Week and giving United States Power Squadrons a chance to shine. This year the list of events is too large to go into detail, but twelve Squadrons of USPS in District 3 set records with “Ready, Set, Wear It!”  In addition, most squadrons did Vessel Safety Exams and awarded Safety Stickers as well as having demonstrations on the use of inflatable suspenders, flares, and fire extinguishers. The squadrons involved were Peconic Bay, South Shore, Sewanhaka, Great South Bay, Bayside, Patchogue, Jones Beach, Neptune, Oyster Bay, Port Washington, Smithtown and Old Field Point.

I would like to thank the following marinas and organizations for their support:  Huntington Dock, Bay Club, West Shore Marina,Centerport Boat Works, Britannia Yachting, Seymour’s Boat Yard, McNeil Park, Brookhaven Dock, Wantagh, and Mill Dam Parks. I will spare you the names of the Safety Officers, Vessel Inspectors, Demonstrators, and hundreds of USPS members participating, except to say I am proud to be a member.

P/C Joe Ruggieri

District Safety Officer
United States Power SquadronsVessel Examiners at Northport-USPS


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