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Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor:

Do you know where your litter is? Every piece of litter had an owner! You can set an example for your kids, family, friends, and community by organizing waterfront cleanups. You can remind people to put their litter in proper receptacles, and also to take back with them what they took to the beach.

Let’s be conscious of our habits. Littering is a big issue year round, worse at peak season, obviously. But if you visit the beach 365 days like I do, then you know no time is exempt of mankind’s neglect. Here’s a chart of how long items take to break down:

Six-pack holders:

400 years

Cigarette butts:

1-5 years


6 months

Orange and banana peels:

2-5 weeks

Plastic-coated paper:

3 months

Plastic containers (water bottles):

450 years

Plastic bags:

10-20 years

Aluminum cans:

50 years

Nylon (fishing line):

600 years

Wool socks:

1-5 years

Leather (shoes, etc.):

50-80 years

Glass bottles:

1,000 years

There are also other issues as how they pollute the ocean and how animals get entangled or eat them, causing harm and often death. Some animals confuse plastics and balloons for foods. (A sea turtle, for instance, thinks balloons or bags are jellyfish, which they eat.) Please also do not release balloons. What goes up must come down!

Thank you for sharing this very important information. It not only saves wildlife and conserves our beautiful beaches and parks, but it keeps them beautiful looking. It’s the least we can do for the place we love the most, the beach.

Heidi Lechner

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