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Letter To The Editor

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Dear Editor,

At the New York Boat Show in January 2015, I encountered the Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation, whose slogan is, “Turn it off for Emily.”

Emily Fedorko was a beautiful 16-year old high honor student and athlete who loved the water and had a zest for life.  Emily lost her life in a tubing accident because an engine was not turned off.   A foundation to help prevent this type of accident was formed; its website is

The Foundation shares these safety tips for towing a tuber or a water skier:

For the rider:

  • Check your equipment:  Is the towing line free of knots and fraying?
  • Go over hand signals with spotter.
  • Always wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket.
  • Make sure the engine is off when entering the water.  An idling engine is not off.
  • Stay away from tow lines so it doesn’t wrap any body parts.
  • Hold tight and be mindful as to when to let go.
  • Make sure the engine is off when swimming towards and entering the boat.

For the boat operator:

  • Check your equipment.
  • Go over hand signals and communication with spotter.
  • Make sure all riders are wearing a life jacket.
  • Turn off the engine before rider goes into the water.
  • Know the water, be mindful of passing boats, shallow water, and rocks.
  • Stay at a safe speed.
  • Always communicate with your spotter.
  • Never back up — always approach with caution from operator side of the boat.
  • When retrieving a person in the water, be sure to stay a safe distance away. Communicate with the person in the water and turn the engine off before the person enters the boat.


Marty Seconhouse

Safety Officer

Jones Beach Power Squadron


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