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Letter from the Editor

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I didn’t summon October, or wait impatiently for its arrival. This month just showed up, unbeckoned and not entirely welcome. I’m sorry, October, but I like July a lot better than you!

However, as October has definitely arrived, let’s make the best of this ever-changing and very interesting month. For the hardiest among us, there’s still plenty of boating ahead, so we clue you in on how to stay safe when there’s a snap in the air and the water’s turned chilly. In addition, if you’re also going it alone, we’ve got tips to make solo boating easier and safer.

While the sun may feel less warm, the trees are ablaze this month! Though I hear that some people prefer pumpkin picking, I’m more inclined to cruise our shores, gazing at the greenery that’s gone golden (or orange, or scarlet, or burgundy). If that’s your idea of a fun autumn activity, we’re sharing spots from which you can enjoy Mother Nature’s transformation.

When your to-do list finally reads, Winterize the boat, we make it as easy and as eco-friendly as possible (of course, you’ll be doing all the work). Just keep thinking about how spring prep will go faster because of all the attention you’re paying to your boat now.

There’s plenty more in this issue, on our website, and on Facebook and Twitter. The best thing about the arrival of cold weather is that it can’t stop us from writing and talking about boating!

We also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has allowed us to grow and reach our sixth anniversary. We are grateful to writers, staff, and to the advertisers who let us share the wonderful boating lifestyle with you, our readers. Thank you!

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