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Letter From The Editor

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August cover 2014August seems to fly by twice as fast any other month. We’ve figured out that our endless summer is no longer limitless, and in fact, it’s picking up speed as it barrels towards September.

I can spend the next couple of paragraphs moaning and groaning about how I wish it was May again, or I can look on the sunny side and list some of the many things I love about August. Put on your shades, ‘cause I’m going solar!

  1. August has the maximum number of days in any month.
  2. If Mother Nature cooperates, you can boat all 31 days in August.
  3. August 2014 has five weekends.
  4. The average August temperature on Long Island is 80 degrees.
  5. The sun sets later than 7:30 pm every day this month.
  6. The water temperature is about 70 degrees.
  7. We average less than four inches of rain in August.
  8. It’s not September.
  9. It’s not February.

See you on the water!


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