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Letter From the Editor

July 1, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

July  2014 coverLet’s say you are writing up a crossword puzzle filled solely with words that convey fun. You’d certainly include the six-letter words EXCITE and THRILL, incorporate five-letter words like ENJOY, AMUSE, GREAT, MERRY, CHEER, and BLISS, and have three-letter word clues with answers such as JOY (and maybe YAY!).

Inasmuch as you’re reading this boating lifestyle magazine, I’d guess that your exciting and entertaining crossword puzzle would include descriptive four-letter words for fun including BOAT, SAIL, and LAZE (that is, if your idea of fun is stretching out on the deck and taking a leisurely nap). Nevertheless,don’t forget the clue for that one short, compact, concise, and even succinct word that conveys fun times better than almost any other word I know.

The crisp word that uniquely and accurately expresses sunshiny, abundant fun like no other? JULY!


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