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Letter From The Editor

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June Cover 2014

In my position, I receive “story pitches” from writers, inquiring as to whether I’d want them to write up their ideas for this magazine. Sometimes the pitch is very original, and other times it’s a variation on an old story told from a new angle.

Though the old story/new slant might be about anchoring or life jackets, it’s only slightly far-fetched to imagine someone might want to retell a children’s story. I can’t conceive of retelling The Princess and the Pea or The Three Little Pigs in a way that’s relevant to a boating audience, but how about Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Imagine our nursery tale’s main character looking out her window at snowdrifts. She’s dreaming about frolicking on the waters of the nearby bay as she says:

This winter has been so long. I’m so tired of hanging around the house. I want to go boating!

No, I can’t go boating in April. It’s too cold and rainy for me.

No, I can’t go boating in May. It’s too blustery and unpredictable for me.

Yes, I can go boating in June. It’s just right for me! 

Are you shaking your heads and thinking that I’m stretching the point? Maybe, but I’ll blame it on the fact that I’ve been cooped up inside for a very long time. Let’s just all agree to go boating in June, the month that starts in spring and ends in summer.In my book, June is just right.


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