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Letter from the Editor

August 1, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Wasn’t it just June? It certainly seems like August took the express route to get here so soon!

We hope you’re enjoying your summer and getting out on the boat as often as possible. In this issue, we want to keep you actively boating, so we’re sharing fun places, exciting events, and tasty restaurants you’ll enjoy reaching by boat (or in the case of the Huntington Lighthouse Music Fest, you’ll stay aboard and be treated to hours and hours of entertainment).

Though I am reluctant to admit it, summer has a nasty streak. Though I was being flip when titling my article about summer nasties by calling them the bothersome “B’s” (blobs, burns, buzzers, barfing, barbs, bellyaches, and boo-boos), I’m serious about not wanting any of them to ruin your day. As the article says, it’s better to be prepared and prevent summer’s pests from biting, sun from scorching, and seas from inducing nausea, but we’re sharing some quick fixes that should take some stings out of summer bugaboos.

Since we began this magazine in 2007, we’ve been delighted with how many boaters bring their dogs onboard. Therefore, during August’s “Dog Days,” we are pleased to once again share tips for keeping canine cruisers cool and comfortable.  And wait until you see the cute pictures!

As usual, we bring you much more about fun and safe boating than I can write about here. Enjoy our tips, tales, and advice while savoring every last moment of August as it speeds by.

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