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Land and Sea WiFi

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rogue land and sea wifiIf you’ve ever had difficulty using WiFi required equipment at your marina, Land and Sea WiFi  has the solution for you.  The Rogue and the new RoguePro offers the latest in long range WiFi from Wave WiFi. Both products makes it possible to receive WiFi transmissions from a quality outdoor hotspot up to 7 miles away from the closest hot spot.

A typical laptop’s WiFi card has a power output of about 60mw, and transmits thru a tiny built in antenna.
Land and Sea WiFi products have over 800mw of power, and are available with a variety of antennas. You can also share this connection with any number of computers at once simply by plugging the Rogue into a router.

A typical “long range” WiFi device is connected to your computer through a USB cable.  USB is limited both in power and in cable length. Using a USB connection means you may only connect a single computer at any time. It also means you must install software to manage your connection.

Land and Sea WiFi products connects via standard ethernet. There is no software to install. And, there products work on virtually any computer, Windows or MAC.  Best of all, its easy to plug in to a wireless router and share the connection with any number of computers!

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