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Kelleys Island, Ohio

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kelleysislandGLSWBefore Kelleys Island, Ohio, became the vacation spot that it is today, it was used by the U.S. military as a rendezvous post during The War of 1812.  The island, rich with limestone and lumber, wasn’t properly harvested until the Kelley brothers came along in the 1830s.  Thus the name was born and the rest is history.

Portside Marina is the perfect place to dock your boat and leave it while you enjoy the rest of the island (http://www.portsidemarinaki.com/1003/Page.aspx).

It is a short walk to the downtown area, which is where you can find the heart of the activities available. There is mini-golf or Memorial Park to relax in.   Just east of downtown is Inscription Rock, which is one of the last remaining historical spots on the island – a great place to gain perspective.

If you get hungry (and who wouldn’t?) there are plenty of places to head to.  You can go to The Casino, which is a fantastic waterfront spot to boat watch.  Or maybe one of the many ice cream places like Unc’l Dik’s or Papa T’s Custom Ice Cream would be a better treat. But you really can’t go wrong with any of the fine establishments on the island.

Kelleys Island may not be very big but it makes the perfect place to take the boat for a day of exploration and relaxation.


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