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K9 Cooler

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If your dog travels with you on the boat  you know how important it is to make sure your dog is hydrated, especially when you are out in hot weather.   The K9 Cooler is a product that will make it easy to carry cold fresh water where ever you go.

The K9 Cooler’s design incorporates two compartments, an outer bowl and a lower compartment that stores ice which keeps the water in the bowl cold and also acts as an additional supply of cold water should you need a refill.  

Simply fill the bottom compartment with ice. Fill the top bowl with water and put on the cover.  The ice will keep the water cool.  And, when you need more water, simply turn the unit upside down and the melted ice instantly refills the top bowl with cool, clean water.  The product is made of BPA Free, FDA approved durable Polypropylene.

Perfect for the boat, beach or any other outdoor activities!

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