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Great Snorkeling Spots in Broward County

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You pick up a mooring ball, turn off the engine, and listen to the waves lap against the side of the boat. The sun beams off the turquoise water and all is calm. Time to put on a mask and snorkel, slide into the water, and explore.

South Florida is home to beautiful coral reefs and colorful marine life. Going snorkeling is the perfect way to glimpse the underwater action.

Some areas have boat traffic, so use caution and make sure you and your group are visible to boaters. Wear colorful attire, put up a dive flag, and consider using a brightly colored blow-up marker sold at most dive shops. Get comfortable in the water and learn the basics before you venture out. Here are three spectacular snorkeling spots to check out by boat:

Barracuda Reef




Surrounded by 29 moorings, Barracuda Reef is an excellent snorkeling destination. Keep an eye out snorkeling 2for lobsters, crabs, a variety of corals, moray eels, and plenty of fish life. The area is located a half-mile from the John U. Lloyd Beach State Park. Barracuda Reef lies in roughly 35 feet of water with some sections rising up to 10 to 15 feet.

The Nursery


The Nursery is a shallow dive site that’s perfect for snorkeling. Part of a larger reef known as the Pompano Drop-Off, the Nursery is named for an abundance of nurse sharks. Don’t worry, they’re harmless! The shallow reef is home to plenty of reef fish and staghorn coral. There are 25 moorings off Pompano Beach close to the Nursery dive site.

Twin Ledges Moorings


This stunning reef is two miles north of the Port Everglades Inlet. A cluster of 16 moorings mark the site, which encompasses a series of ledges that attract a variety of marine life. Home to sponges, sea fans, grunts, and yellowtail snappers, the reef is in roughly 20 to 30 feet of water.

Video of Twin Ledges bountiful marine life and more information about safe snorkeling.

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