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Fun Boating-Themed Food

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Your family’s boating adventures need not be confined to the water. With a little creativity, you can keep kids entertained and well-fed with a fun selection of snacks and entrées prepared with a boating theme. I’ve fed these nautical nibbles to my own picky toddler and I’m happy to share these playful meals with your family.


Breakfast Boats

BoatPancakes_7295Pancake Boats. With your griddle as canvas and pancake batter as paint, let your imagination run wild as you craft a breakfast for your crew. To allow for better precision with your shaped pancakes, use condiment containers to dispense your pancake batter. Fashion a pirate ship, a sailboat, and a motorboat using a knife for touchups and some food coloring. Don’t forget the pancake anchors! Add marshmallow clouds and strawberry dolphins and penguins by using tiny cookie cutters. (Note: Most kids are so excited about what you are making that they aren’t super critical of your design skills.)

Waffle Boats. Take frozen or freshly made round waffles to new heights by forming cute sailboat shapes. Cut the waffle in half and use one semicircle for the boat. Cut the other side in half again and use one or both pieces for the sail.

Egg-Sailboats_7340Egg Sailboats. Make hard-boiled eggs, swapping the hot water from the pot with cold water and ice for easier peeling. Allow to cool while you prepare your sails from triangles of American cheese. When the eggs are cool, crack, peel, rinse, and cut in half lengthwise. Stick your sails into the center of the eggs with the toothpick pointing down into the yolk. Place your little sailboats on a plate and garnish with a sea of fresh blueberries.


Snack Boats

Fruit Salad Boats. Using a whole watermelon, cut out a boat shape. Carve out the watermelon from the boat or remove it with a melon baller. Cut triangular or rectangular pieces from the rind to make the ship’s sails (you can also make the sail from paper). Affix the sails to the center of the melon using bamboo skewers. Cut a variety of fruit into bite-sized pieces, toss together with the removed watermelon and a few drops of lemon juice to maintain color and freshness, and fill up the boat with the mixture.

canoe-cumber_195350Canoe – Cumber Veggie Boats. Whether your family prefers ranch or sour cream veggie dip or guacamole, this makes eating vegetables more fun. Make your favorite dip and set it aside while you carve out a cucumber to look like a canoe. Fill it with the dip, place it on a plate and surround it with baby carrots or carrot chips, cucumber slices, broccoli florets, celery sticks, and other veggies your family likes. As an alternative, mix up some guacamole and return it to the avocado shell. Call it a dinghy and surround it with raw veggies or tortilla chips.


Lunch and Dinner Boats

Sailboat-Sandwich_201054Sandwich Boats. Creativity thrives with a sandwich as you can cut a slice of bread into almost anything. For simple sandwich boats, make grilled cheese, then cut the sandwich in half so you have two triangles. Cut a smaller triangle out of the top corner of one half and cut the other triangle in half to create two smaller triangles. Arrange the pieces on a plate so that the two smaller triangles form the sail and the larger piece forms the hull. Create a sea of blueberries, salad, or other food, and add fruit, marshmallows, or another snack of your choice as the sun and clouds.

Cheesy Baked Boat-atoes. Bake potatoes and cut in half when cool enough to handle. Carve out the inside of the potato and place in a mixing bowl. Mash until smooth and combine with butter and milk to taste. Add shredded cheese (cheddar or another favorite) and refill the potato shells. Top with more cheese and place in the oven for additional 10-15 minutes at 375 degrees. Craft a sail from a triangle of sliced cheese and a toothpick. Add this as the finishing touch right before serving.

Mini Pizza Boats. Most kids love pizza so this idea paired with a boating twist is sure to please. Place plain English muffin halves on a baking sheet. Top each with sauce and mozzarella cheese (allow kids to add their own toppings if desired). Bake at 350 degrees until the cheese melts. Carefully cut muffins in half and cut one side in half again. The two triangles will be the sails and the semicircle becomes the hull. Serve once cool enough to enjoy.

Make adjustments as needed to accommodate dietary preferences as well as your child’s allergies and sensitivities. Substitute as necessary or turn your own recipes into shapes as suggested by the author.

Story and photos by Kathryn Van Druff

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