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From Our Readers

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From Our Readers

Hi. Just thought you’d like some feedback on the mag viewer. It is a bit slow and awkward I can’t get the zoom to work in between normal and 400%. Why not just use adobe acrobat to make pdf files?

Regards, Jeff Edelstein

Hi Jeff: Thank you for your feedback on our magazine viewer. In the past we have used Acrobat to make the files. However, we wanted to add some functionality to the on line magazine including making the text “live” as well as search functionality.

This viewer is a work in progress. I agree with you about the magnification function. Hopefully that will change in the next several months.

By the way an easy way to read each article is to click onto the title and it will appear as text.

It can also translate the text into other languages, (not a big issue for our readers, but it’s there).

Thank you again, and please feel free to reach out to us again.

Barry Mines

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