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Foxy’s Harbor Grille

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foxys 1Within the historic harbor of St. Michaels on Maryland’s Eastern Shore dwells a little outdoor establishment that makes its guests feel like they’ve landed in the Caribbean.  Once you’ve docked your boat at the St. Michaels marina, follow the pier to the umbrellas covering Foxy’s patio.

My family and I enjoyed an early Sunday dinner at the restaurant.  We were seated to the sounds of a local musician performing covers of popular songs with his acoustic guitar.  Our friendly waitress was prompt in delivering menus and taking our orders.

The bar was lively, which isn’t a surprise considering the long list of craft brews they offer.  I had a Forbidden Traveler, a crisp wheat beer with hints of apple that hails from Traveler’s brewery in Vermont.  My husband opted for a mojito but later ordered a much more satisfying Devils Backbone Vienna lager made in Virginia.

Our appetizers were crowd pleasers: succulent cracked crab claws that were the exact balance of sweet and briny, Bavarian soft pretzels topped with a creamy and cheesy crab dip seasoned with Old Bay, tri-colored tortilla chips accompanied by house-made salsa sweetened with chunks of fresh mango, and steamed wild-caught shrimp that was seasoned perfectly. There are also local clams and oysters as well as mussels, all served steamed.

Our entrées  included two items from the specials menu — a soft crab sandwich that was crisply fried and served on a toasted brioche bun with lettuce and tomato and a ceviche that consisted of shrimp, squid, fish, mussels, cucumber, and red onion marinated in fresh lime juice and chopped chili peppers, then topped with avocado.  From the regular menu, we ordered a bison burger that was tender, juicy, and delicious. We also had the huge fish tacos: flour tortillas packed full of grilled fish and well-seasoned shredded cabbage, topped with pico de gallo, and the tangy island dog sauce.

Vegetarians will enjoy the tasty chips and salsa, the port wine cheese with crackers, and the Caesar salad; vegan choices are edamame (pick from kosher salt, Old Bay, or lemon pepper) and gazpacho (leave off the crab).

Foxy’s does not offer desserts. If you have a hankering for something sweet, the staff will happily point you to other locations in St. Michaels.

Foxy’s Harbor Grille
125 Mulberry Street
St. Michaels, MD

By Jodie Hardesty

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