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Editor’s Letter

June 1, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

BTLI June CoverWhen a sunny and clear June day unfolded without a discernable wind and any perceptible humidity, my mother would remark on the “absence of weather.” In other words, focus on something else, because what are you going to complain about when the skies are blue and the temperature is pleasant?

My mom’s observation sums up this column. How can I complain when the air feels balmy and the opportunities for boating appear unlimited?

There’s nothing to kvetch about when you’re going boating, provided you wear your life jacket, slather on sunscreen, stay vigilant, practice courtesy to fellow boaters, visit a pumpout station, respect our environment, and never operate a vessel while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

I can imagine the griping. Wait! You just gave me lots of things to focus on besides my reason for boating — having fun. True, but what I’m also providing is a magazine full of ways to exercise care. Then, in the absence of dwelling on the nitty gritties, you’ll switch to the pleasurable parts of boating — places to go, things to do, and delicious dining, too. Not coincidentally, there’s no absence of great ideas and exciting destinations in our magazine!

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