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Editor’s Letter

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BTLI MAY 2015 Cover

You don’t need me to tell you what month it is. You can look around almost anywhere and know that it’s May. Moms are beaming, graduates are cheering, trees are greening, birds are singing, and flowers are blossoming.

It’s the same out on the water. No matter how many tricks Mother Nature decides to play, her pranks can’t stop May from flourishing. Anticipation is swelling as plans are gelling; boaters are renewing friendships up and down the docks, and there’s activity at every launch, boatyard, and marina. Reliving memories and planning for new ones — ways to keep our focus through the long, dreary off-season — aren’t all we have now. We’re actually spending time on the water in May!

You know that old saw about the two happiest days of a boater’s life? That chestnut, dear readers, is complete and utter hokum. Every day we spend boating has the potential to be the best day of our life. Moreover, the great thing about the entire boating season stretching out before us in May is that the best day of our life may likely be followed in rapid succession by many more fantastic days.

May we go boating? Oh, yes, we may!

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