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Editor’s Letter

March 1, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

BTLI_March15 COVER web (1)March doesn’t pretend to believe its own hype. It knows the proverb about coming in like a lion and departing like a lamb, but March can easily roar for 31 days with no consequences. It knows that the first day of spring arrives on its watch, but if the cold winds continue to blow and the precipitation stays white, what can anyone do about it?

March isn’t an easy issue to put together. We have cold water safety tips for the hardiest of boaters — those who are determined to splash in March (so long as the water isn’t frozen). And we have a checklist for those taking their time to find the best summer berth for their boat. In between, there’s a bunch of boaters who are antsy to get started, but realistic enough to spend their time reading rather than risking frostbite.

March may have no pretense but it certainly holds out promise. As the month starts to wane, we feel the symptoms of spring fever, no matter what falls from the sky or blows in from the north. Boating season is closer than ever, and we are ready to greet it with a roar.

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