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Editor’s Letter

February 1, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

FEB LI Cover hrNothing personal, February, but I’m very glad you’re a short month. You’re rarely mellow or moderate, and your chill is hard to shake. Yes, you give many of us a long weekend to celebrate President’s Day, but frankly, except for that bright red Valentine’s Day heart smack dab in the middle, you’re a month that seems as white as George Washington’s powdered hair.

Yes, I know that it’s impossible to speak to a month, let alone insult it. And I confess that I am maligning February long before any nasty storm systems form or Canada sends us a prolonged blast of icy air (like the rest of this magazine, this letter to readers is written in advance). So if February turns out to be pleasantly mild, I won’t mind one bit if you email me to say, “Hey, Editor! Your letter was way off base. This is the balmiest February ever!”

However, if my character assassination of February turns out to be completely accurate, you don’t have to take off your wooly mittens to applaud. Instead, save all your energy to keep warm — you don’t want your icy breath to prevent you from seeing and reading our latest issue. Our stories will inform, amuse, entertain, and inspire you. By the time you’ve finished reading and started planning your warm weather boating adventures with our Day Trippers, February may be over!

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