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Editor’s Letter

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BTLI_Cover_NovDec14Cold weather and I are completely incompatible. I don’t like hats, I don’t like gloves, I don’t like fleece, and I sure don’t like anything frozen unless it’s a dessert. As we embark upon the coldest (and shortest) days of the year, I always seek ways to warm up without having to bundle up.

The fastest way that I’ve found to dispel the chill is thinking about pleasurable times spent boating. My brrrrr-sitis melts away once I recall a wonderful afternoon at anchor doing nothing more than catching a catnap, or remembering an eventful day with family and friends, boating to a fun festival. Give it a try for yourself; I’ll wait while you picture the gentle lapping waves, the bobbing of the boat, the peals of laughter, the relaxed conversations, the smiling faces, and the glow of the sun. Now don’t you feel warmer, too?

Reading about boating is another proven method for elevating your inner thermostat. Toss away your scarf and kick off those boots — you’ll forget all about the nippiness of Mother Nature while enjoying the stories in this last issue of the year.

Before you sink too deeply into your warm-weather reverie, know that all of us at Boating Times Long Island wish you and yours the best of this holiday season.

Merry Christmas  Happy Chanukah  Feliz Navidad  Joyous Kwanzaa  Happy New Year!

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