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Editor’s Letter

September 1, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

UntitledI must have blinked once or twice in mid-summer, giving September an opportunity to sneak onto the calendar.

If you’re anything like me, your Summer 2014 To-Do List is still quite long. Sure, I thoroughly enjoyed being on the boat, but I want additional sunny days and balmy nights aboard. Yes, I went to fun destinations and enjoyed delicious dockside meals, but I crave more experiences and hunger to taste further food by the shore.

That’s why I’m dedicating myself to savoring September. Its days may only number 30, but this month offers more than enough nautical events and glorious destinations to fill up our boating agenda. Those I’m-done-by-August boaters are gone, leaving the rest of us space to enjoy every waking hour we can spend boating.

Don’t just leave your boating voraciousness for the weekends — we only have four this month. Eat a quick meal after work and then take a short but invigorating or relaxing early-evening trip. Or you can bring your dinner and eat aboard while the lapping waves gently provide background music. There’s also a third option for boating after a workday, and it’s the best one, in my opinion —  take your boat to a restaurant and enjoying a leisurely meal as the sinking sun puts on a waterside show.

Do your kids have a ton of homework? Bring it on the boat, where there are few electronic distractions. Do you have a boatload of job-related work to do after hours? Take along your electronics and work from the deck.

How about you savor September along with me? Find a few more opportunities to boat than you originally planned. We don’t want to blink too soon and find out that it’s October!

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