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Editor’s Letter

March 7, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

BTLI Cover March2016From where I sit, March has a serious identity crisis. The calendar may designate this month’s waning days as the beginning of spring, but when I set foot outside I’m immediately tempted to spring back inside to escape the cold.

Don’t be so fast to disparage March, astronomers would say. They know the earth is tilting more towards the sun, setting the stage for longer days, softer winds, and warmer weather. Botanists would disagree with my dismissal of March, as they understand it’s time for nature to emerge from winter dormancy as seeds germinate and the ground softens in preparation. Naturalists recognize that the groundwork is being laid (literally) for the return of critters who wintered elsewhere and for those who feel the stirrings of animal passion. Marine biologists look out for fish who’ll become livelier as they shed winter’s sluggishness.

Scientists appreciate that renewal’s afoot, so let’s accept a lot goes on in late March below the sometimes-icy surfaces and beyond our scarf-swaddled faces. Spring is getting ready to launch and that’s wonderful news all boaters will applaud — even if we’re still wearing gloves!

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