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Editor’s Letter

September 1, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

BTLI Cover SeptWelcome to the sometimes-unsettled and slightly mysterious month of September! Mother Nature surrounds us in her golden glow and then turns the lights out early. Summer’s heat scurries along on its last legs while autumn’s winds and chills keep sticking their feet in the door.

Vacation days used in July and August, many boaters start to shift their priorities come September. However, now is not the time to abandon boating no matter what’s on the schedule. This is our time to stockpile every precious moment because we need to be out on the water.

Boating is not just recreation, although it is a lot of fun. Boating is how we hang onto our sanity, relax, strengthen family ties, bond with friends, expand a healthy outlook, and justify living in a place where winter treats us harshly.

On weeknights, get on the boat and help with homework, answer emails, and eat dinner al fresco. Maybe go for a quick jaunt if time allows. On weekends where your days are otherwise engaged, take your boat to a waterside restaurant, enjoying a leisurely meal as the sinking sun puts on a waterside show.

Weekdays, weekends, holidays, any day — go boating as often as you can in September!

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