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Editor’s Letter

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I However, as a boater, I wholeheartedly disagree with categorizing all intervals uniformly. Not all time can be alike! August zooms by at twice the pace of January even though both months have 31 days. In my world, one boating day in August feels like seven days in January. have only a rudimentary knowledge of physics; what I think I know is that all time is considered identical. There’s nothing to distinguish one minute from the next in a scientific sense. Five minutes ago, five minutes from now, five minutes in 1600, five minutes in 2099 — same, same, same, same.

In addition, you can’t convince me that all moments are equal, even if the clicks of the clock correspond. I understand that there’s actually only a past and a future (the instant we realize it’s the present it’s already the past), but when I’m out on the water, it’s quality time. The hours aren’t crammed with routine stuff I’ll never recall during winter’s draggy days. Every fun moment spent aboard today stockpiles fantastic memories to relive in the future.

Will you accept my (non-scientific) theory that August whooshes by us at twice the speed of January? If so, don’t let another speeding second tick off August’s clock — go boating!


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