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Editor’s Letter

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BTLI-July-CoverDo you think it’s a complete coincidence that July and joy both begin and end with the same letters? I don’t think so, as July is jam-packed with joy!

This month seems inexhaustible. The hustle and bustle of June is in the past, and Labor Day is so far away. I can’t see anything from the deck of my boat except blue skies and happy faces, and that’s all I need to make me happy.

Actually, that’s not true. I’m happy when I’m dining with family and friends, and it just so happens that in addition to our restaurant reviews, we have tips and ideas for a summer overflowing with docking and dining.

I’m also happy when I’m reading a good book. In another not-coincidence, we have pages of book recommendations from our readers. We asked for interesting, fun, and enthralling suggestions for leisurely reading this summer, and the book titles rolled in like waves!

As a lifestyle magazine, we’re keenly aware of the number of boaters affected by cancer. Often their struggle engulfs the family, shutting out thoughts of recreation. However, says an oncologist you’ll meet in this issue, going boating is both therapeutic and life affirming.

This July, let’s all get out on the water. It’s satisfying, it’s gratifying, it’s blissful, it’s pleasurable, it’s fantastic… it’s joyful!

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