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Easy Maintenance

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easy maintenance 2

Depending on how and where you stored your boat, spring prep can be complicated or simple. No matter what else you need to do, don’t overlook any of these basics:

  • Examine the positive (red) and negative (black) battery cables and connections between the batteries and engine to make sure they are secure.  If you find corrosion, clean it off with a file. Make sure the battery switch is functioning properly.
  • Easy MaintenanceIf you didn’t charge the batteries over the winter, do so now. Any battery that doesn’t hold a charge needs replacement.
  • Test the horn.
  • If your boat has a windshield wiper, check that it is operating properly and that the blade is in good shape.
  • Turn on the bilge blower and visually check that it’s operational. While it’s on, go to the outside vent and put your hand over it to make sure air is coming out.
  • Turn on the bilge pumps and pour some water in the bilge at each pump to see if the water gets picked up.  Make sure each auto switch is free of gunk and goes up and down freely.
  • Place some water in the toilet bowl. Test the electric head to make sure the motor is operating and pulling the water in the bowl down to the holding tank.
  • Turn on the running lights to make sure all are working properly.  If not, remove the lens and replace the bulb.  Follow the same steps for anchor and dashboard lights.


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