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Easy Maintenance

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Easy MaintenanceThough spring boat prep is in the future, the present is the perfect time to shop boat shows and marine supply stores sales. Consult the list you made last fall for replacements and improvements and add those items to supplies needed to get your boat in shape for the season such as oil, filters, antifreeze, batteries, and cables.

If you never got around to making the list, don’t let the deals sail away! Hop aboard your boat and jot down what needs repairing, replacing, strengthening, sprucing up, and expanding. Ask questions such as:

  • Was there a piece of equipment you wished you had last summer that would have made your boating experience much easier?
  • Did you lose any bumpers?
  • Are your dock and anchor lines fraying?
  • Has your child outgrown his or her life jacket? Is there a new baby in the family?
  • Did you get a new dog that needs a flotation device?
  • Do you have inflatable life jackets? (The aspirin-like tablet that dissolves upon hitting water should be replaced each year.)



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