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Easy Maintenance

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Even if you used the best bottom paint before launching, growth may have started to collect on the bottom of your boat by this point in the summer. When we say growth, we mean barnacles, mussels, algae, kelp, protozoan, sea weeds, and other undesirables looking for a free ride on your boat bottom!

Typical symptoms of growth on your boat include a lower running speed, an increase in engine temperature, and/or a vibration while the boat is underway. These indicators may be minor, so keep your eyes and ears open for changes. Growth on the bottom will also affect fuel efficiency, so look below if your fuel usage goes up.

If you have an outboard or inboard/outboard, you can take your boat to a beach and clean any area on the hull where growth has collected.  If you have an inboard, or if you don’t want to do the work yourself, ask your marina to do a short haul to clean the growth off of the hull.  A short haul shouldn’t cut into your boating time, as the boat only needs to be out of the water for an hour or two, and you’ll reap the rewards of a clean bottom for the rest of the summer.

Easy Maintenance

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